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A mix of heavy bass, blunt speech and infectious beats, "Interspace" is the embodiment of one's rawest and truest self, a dichotomy;  Sexual, spiritual, emotional, cold, empathetic and brash. "Interspace" is a representation of the present, in war between the future and the past, peace and strife, love and loss and heavens and hells. A lyrical masterpiece, pages from man's diary, this album is a journey through the deepest thoughts, truest expressions and experiences of artist, sinner and child of God, KVNG DAVID.



Kvng David has always been artistically gifted. Being immersed in performance and musical arts by the age of 5, he developed a deep understanding for music and its connection to the soul. By age 12 he was the lead in a five artist singing/rapper group named "Da Hotness" where he also served as lead song writer.  In his adulthood he became heavily involved in video blogging, eventually leading him into film where he starred as "Winston Corey" on "Triangle" series, as well as embarking on numerous independent visual endeavors. A natural writer and poet, he turned his attention back to music. In a place in his personal life that left him with so much to say, he began putting his experiences into song form. 

With so many successes and setbacks, he found himself finding new life within his music., finding peace in turning his thoughts into melody. Reborn from his experiences, pen in hand, he began writing his personal truths and "Interspace", The Album, was born.


Space (Intro)

"They raised no quitter so he get it. Ain't been glitter but he shimmering. All considered, takes a bit for he to let it all sink in when thought himself the mice of men, thought to end his life but then life itself had intervened to save the dreams it had for him. Left in a space, in a space of interspace."





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